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Foxglove of Amber Commissioned Piece

The finished artwork that I commissioned =0nceUponAPanda to draw for me. I feel that she's captured my OC Foxglove quite well. =0nceUponAPanda is still doing commissions so if you would like to get her to draw something for you then go ahead and send her a note in DeviantArt.

Comm: Foxglove1028
by =0nceUponAPanda on deviantART
I hit up this account every now and then and of course I will forget the password. I think in the past I've changed it to a less easy to figure out but I didn't keep that memo ^^ whoops.


The true reason for this post.... I wanted to show of my latest coloring:

Enjoy :D

Colored - Alice Series 2- White Rabbit
by *foxglove1028 on deviantART

Holiday contest entry

My entry for a holiday getaway contest on deviant art.

Sugar Confetti on the Beach
by *foxglove1028 on deviantART

Christmas Drawing Contest

A fellow deviant on Deviant art is throwing a Christmas Drawing Contest.
Help her out by joining in on the fun and enter the contest.

Christmas Contest/edit @ bottom by =0nceUponAPanda on deviantART


So i'm trying to come up with some ideas of how to get my name and site out there. I'm tapped out for ideas...

Website: http://www.dragonrageseishi.com
Service: Anime Caricatures (http://www.dragonrageseishi.com/anime-caricatures/)

So I'm asking all of you for ideas, suggestions, and tips of how I can get the word out.


She's ALIVE!

Its been forever since I've posted here.

So much has happened.

But here's the basics:

I got a house.
I've been at my job for about 4 1/2 years now.
I'm a Senior UI Developer at my job.
I have 3 dogs and 2 cats.
I found out that I'm allergic to cats which is really funny cause I never knew until I moved out of my parents house and didn't have cats for a good two months. I got one and then my nose stuffed up like it used to over at my parents.
Ginger will be moving into my house so that she can finish up her degree.
I switched from AT&T to Verizon Wireless. I got the sweet ass new Droid™ 2 and I am loving it.
My website www.dragonrageseishi.com has been redesigned and is now running off the power of wordpress.
I'm starting up my FoxyLynn comic again.

That's about it.

Oh yeah in October I'll be turning 30 O.O;

Drop me a line/comment if you want to get back in touch.

friggin A.................

X| X| X| ><' ><' ><' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it... I really can't believe it.

I forgot my purse at my guitar lessons this morning... and I JUST NOW realized it. Damn it... I'm really ditzy and I wonder at times where the fuck is my brain at times.

Arggh. At least the people whom I take lessons from are honest (I hope). So I'll pick up my purse tomorrow. >_<'' damnit!!


YAY!! Cable is on!

I finally have cable/internet connection... I'm really happy.

Though I still have to set up my wireless/hardline router... but still I am very happy.

I can connect to the world again :D and pay my friggin bills (when they become due)...

ah, the loveliness of internet connection.

Now to address my cellphone and get a better plan at a better rate.

Its not fair that iPhones can have a data plan with unlimited internet access for only $60 where as if I want the same thing I would have to pay $90.

I got another dog... his name is Boomer (trust me I tried several other names... this is the only one he responded to). He's a Lab/English Shepard mix. He's gonna be friggin huge.

I also have GinGin (my other dog... long story short my mom was gonna keep her and the other boys but when she heard that I got Boomer she decided to let me have GinGin too... f'd up I know) back XD so she's been helping me with Boomer.

Ah, yeah party... I'm guessing last weekend of July. Possibly a Saturday night... we'll see... so stay tuned.

Until next time. Ja nai.

In new home... sans-cable connection

Yeah I'm making my update here at work.

I'm moved into my new home... kinda for there is the setting up to be done.

I don't have cable hooked up yet and it won't be until the 11th... though I believe that sans-cable will force me to put things up and away where they're supposed to be/go.

My house warming party probably won't be until the end of this month.

That's about it for now.

Ja nai.